Suryadharma Ali: PPP coalition agreement with Gerindra

Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP), Suryadharma Ali declared the official PPP coalition with Gerindra. The decision has been sanctioned party functionaries line bearing the Kaaba.

"The coalition has been crystallized. Chairman of the board agreed with a coalition with Mr Prabowo. Gerindra There is no problem with," explained the man who usually called at the office of the Natural Resources PPP, Jakarta, Friday (18/4).

Suryadharma Ali PPP comes into the office at 13:00 pm wearing a brown batik shirt and black cap. He revealed that the coalition is not based on transactional politics.

"Do not talk about running mate (vice president) who definitely capresnya Prabowo. PPPs to what has not been discussed," he said.

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He added, Prabowo suitable figure to lead Indonesia in the future. He also claims to be a running mate Prabowo did not expect. “I do not want mengandai suppose. Flowing course, what will happen,” he added.


Three Scenarios If Japan Launches Missile

The right of collective self-defense, a popular word in Japan and is a major political debate between parties, especially the Liberal Party (LDP) ruling government coalition with Komeito Party.

There are three scenarios when the Japanese launched missile. Currently under discussion in the coalition government and also will be a great debate in the Japanese parliament.

When American carriers attacked and passed Japan, then Japan will be able firing missiles to destroy the opponent’s missiles.

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That’s just the first scenario. Then the second scenario related to the U.S. mainland missiles if attacked Japanese opponent and pass the Japanese troop strength beladirinya can anticipate the opponent destroy missiles.

The third scenario regarding Japanese activities destroying and clearing sea mines or if there is an attack from the sea, it is given the right to self-defense forces Japan to engage in self-defense destroy and clean up Japan oceans of these things.

All of it is still in a serious discussion between the LDP and Komeito including the review of the Constitution of Japan. Komeito even suggested expanding the function and duty of the police to the Japanese self-defense that is not very visible in the sense of entering a military area martial and strengthen the functions of the task force to defend himself.

"All these discussions are not separated by a cabinet decision period. Attempt will be made to allow a deal with the ruling party. Everything will depend on the ruling party. Similarly to when reviewing the interpretation of the Constitution, we hope there is a deal with the New Komeito," said Yoshihide Suga, Cabinet Secretary in his comments to the press April 10.

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution had been planned a long time since last year to be changed for many reasons. Among others around him, especially the threat of Chinese military reinforces once. Commotion Takeshima Island and the Senkaku Islands also makes Japanese hot for so many years unresolved. Though Japan repeatedly asked state resolve the issue in dispute that the International Court of Justice but was rejected mainly by Chinese.

Changes in the Japanese Constitution, especially to strengthen the confidence and motivation of the Japanese people to defend themselves is not easy to do because there are many Japanese people traumatized by the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 during World War II.

But the threat of other countries, especially its neighbors is a real thing that exists today, would need to be taken more seriously and think about the people of Japan especially those opposed to change Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.


Parents Can Learn Healthy Baby Before Conception

Will my baby be healthy ? The question often terbelesit in the mind of every prospective parent . However , with the creation of embryos digital services by mixing the DNA of two parents will tell the state of health of the baby clearly .

A new technology allows parents to know the physical health and her baby before birth .

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Matchright technology allows people to filter donor sperm , when combined with gene mothers . It can increase the risk of a child inheriting a genetic disease .

The technology will be available in two U.S. fertility clinics . The technology also includes a list that is not related to the baby’s health such as eye , skin pigmentation , height , and waist size .

" This includes diseases or traits have a genetic influence , " said Founder of the company that markets technologies GenePeeks , Lee Silver at Princeton University as reported Newscientist , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

GenePeeks intends to use the system to identify rare conditions such as cystic fibrosis and Tay - Sachs , which lowered both parents carry a mutation in a single gene .

Screening for genetic disorders typically involve sequencing the DNA of prospective parents . But GenePeeks taken a step further with an algorithm that gives information and use it to create a digital genetic recombination , mixing of genetic information between sperm and egg . It lets parents see the genetic makeup of the embryo .

Before a woman choosing a donor from a fertility clinic , Matchright algorithm developed Silver run thousands of times a donor . So that has produced 10 thousand simulations embryos per couple .

" This study confirms the ability of the system to accurately predict the risk profile of children in the future , " said co - founder Anne Morriss .


Industrial Electricity Rates Will Rise Four Times Until End of Year

The Government issued Decree No. 9 of 2014 EMR regulating large industrial electricity tariff increase began May 1, 2014 . ESDM quoted in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , mentions the tariff adjustment has been approved by the House of Representatives Commission VII during the meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources on January 21, 2014 .

The rules Minister Jero Wacik signed on 1 April 2014 . Peppermint also regulate the imposition of automatic tariff adjustment ( adjustment) for four classes of non-subsidized applicable per month starting May 1, 2014 . ESDM mentioned in the annex , the rate increase is done in four major industry times ie May 1 , July 1 , September 1 , and November 1 , 2014.

Rate increase applies to large -scale industries that use medium -voltage electrical power above 200 kVA or open status of the company specifically i3 and high voltage devices with power above 30,000 kVA or group I4 . For electricity tariff adjustment applied to four groups who had no longer subsidized by October 1, 2013 .

The fourth class of non-subsidized electricity rates that are large households ( R3 ) with 6,600 VA power up , medium-sized business ( B2 ) with a 6,600 to 200 kVA power , big business ( B3 ) with power above 200 kVA , and government offices were ( P1 ) with power up to 200 kVA 6600 . Sections of the electricity customers are deemed to have sufficient purchasing power .

Rate the four groups will experience fluctuations ( tariff adjustment ) based on a formula determined by the exchange rate indicators , inflation , and oil prices Indonesia ( Indonesian crude price / ICP ) . Thus , the group ‘s fourth rate can go up or down following the economic indicators are set every month .

The third indicator of the exchange rate, inflation , and ICP is uncontrollable factors that affect the cost of procurement ( BPP ) of electricity . Candy said adjustment tariff adjustment formula determined in accordance PLN Directors established and reported to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources every month .

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In accordance with Law No. 23 Year 2013 on State Budget 2014, the electricity subsidy allocation of Rp 71.4 trillion, including underpayment of Rp 3.5 triliun.Di beyond 2013 , the electricity subsidy is also backed up by Rp 10.4 trillion .


Residents of Ward Banish the Coast Guard Sand Dredging

Dozens of residents in Pasangkayu Beach , District Pasangkayu , Produktion North , West Sulawesi , on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) morning , driving away the middle of heavy equipment to dredge sand on the coast .

Residents worried , sand dredging related actions Expo 2014 exhibition will be held in the District Pasangkayu it adversely affected their settlement was not far from the shoreline .

Tensions between dozens of residents and Ward Pasangkayu Tanwir Miliansah inevitable . Headman were subjected to anger residents , and expelled from the dredging location .

Tanwir it was in that location , to oversee a number of heavy equipment to dredge sand .

Tanwir had explained to citizens , dredging sand at the beach do for the construction of the square of the expo -related events should be done immediately .

" Dredging the sand over the Regent ‘s knowledge , " said Tanwir .

But that explanation does not affect . Residents still expel heavy equipment including the village chief . Finally , Tanwir go back and bring some heavy equipment .

One local resident , Adding Marulu , from Labuang , Village Pasangkayu deplored the government policy that does not stop the dredging effort .

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" The government is supposed to save the environment even come exemplifies environmental damage and threaten the safety of the beach , " Adding said .


Users of Windows XP potentially in danger

Microsoft Corp. released the last security developments for the Windows XP operating system and the Office 2003 applications on Tuesday .

The security experts warn users who are still using Windows XP operating system will be the main target of cyber attacks from hackers .

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Security experts advise consumers and businesses to change the Windows XP operating system or upgrade to a modern version in the next month , because they are no longer protected from new threats that emerge after mid-May.

Security experts also said they believed the hackers will study the data and reverse engineer the patch that came out in May.

Then they will identify steps to attack the computers are still running Windows XP and Office 2013 , which no longer receive patches from Microsoft .

" Attackers will use this as an accelerator , " said Wolfgang Kandek , chief technology officer at cyber security company , Qualys Inc. .

According to Reuters , Microsoft wants users to move to a more modern operating system has been featured as the latest security , so it is more effective to thwart cyber attacks .

Microsoft first announced plans to end support for Windows XP in 2007, but security companies estimate , 15 to 25 percent of PCs in the world are still using the operating system that was released in October 2001 .

According to NCR , one of the largest manufacturers of ATM machines , only about a third of the 2.2 million ATMs around the world who use Windows XP system , which has been upgraded to a newer operating system .


Wind hit by tornado, 22 Homes Damaged

A total of 22 houses in two villages in the district Pademawu , Pamekasan , damaged after hit by a tornado , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) . Of the 22 homes , 4 houses otherwise badly damaged by the roof collapsed .

Meanwhile , there are 18 other homes were damaged and slightly damaged . Two villages , the Village Buddagan consists of as many as 15 homes and as many as 7 Murtajih village home .

Husnul Kalam , Serkeser Hamlet , Village Buddagan said , before the occurrence of heavy rains village. A few moments later the wind came slowly and plunked some asbestos roof front of his house .

" I think the roof of the house was gone with the wind all . Because my family and I went straight back to the kitchen to save themselves , " said Husnul Kalam .

The strong winds , bright Husnul , lasting between 10-15 minutes . Residents in the hamlet Serkeser to fear . Lucky houses many permanent residents . So that only the damaged portion of the roof alone .

"The shape of the wind strong round . Said residents tornados , " added Husnul .

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Buddagan village head , Syamsul Arifin explained , interpreted the incident as a result of losses at Rp . 40 million . He said he had reported the incident to the sub-district to immediately sent aid .


Problem Debt Collector, BNI: Customer Not Pay Debt

State Bank Indonesia issued an official statement in connection molestation case against Augustine Reinhard , 34 years . BNI Corporate Secretary , Tribuana Tunggadewi , said customers who called no credit card arrears , has never completed its obligations . ( Read : Bank Customers Victims of malignancy Debt Collector )

" Until now , BNI has not received the arrears in full , " he said through a written statement on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 .

He also denied Augustine is the state-owned bank customers . According to him , customers who registered officially by BNI is the name of Edward Rinaldi Hatuan . Augustine who came to Jakarta Kota BNI branch can not be called an authorization letter as representative of the credit card owner .

" Augustine is not the owner of the credit card , he just claimed to be the owner of your card ," he said .

As a matter of persecution debt collectors , said Tribuana not know the motive of the incident . He said the beating was done by phonce Kolibonso , the owner of PT Sinar Pelangi Sejahtera , a company that became credit card debt collectors .

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He admitted that the BNI is using the services of a debt collector to collect debts from credit card customers. Only, said Tribuana , billing is done using debt collectors to charge the credit card owner’s non-current debt payments . ” BNI using third-party services to menyelesikan credit card arrears which had been stalled , ” he said . & Nbs


Make this the Nokia X Different from Other Android

Nokia X has been officially launched in Indonesia and will be available in the market on 12 April. Nokia X is one of a series of new Nokia smartphone to run Android applications , combined with the typical Nokia features and services of Microsoft .

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" Nokia continues to create innovations in order to meet the needs of more users , but still provide tersediri uniqueness that makes it different . Nokia X is the best combination dariketiga world that allows users to have access to a variety of your favorite applications and provide new experiences at affordable prices , "says William Hamilton - Whyte , as the President Director , Nokia Indonesia.
Nokia X brings kunikan quality and design of Nokia devices , through a user interface page with attractive tile , inspired from the Lumia .

Nokia X comes with Fastlane pinning feature that allows users to access their favorite apps more easily . Users can access applications that have been curated and tested via the Nokia Store . Not only in the Nokia Store , users can also access the application via a third-party app store and install it via sideload .

A number of applications commonly found on Nokia phones are also embedded in this smartphone . Call it HERE Maps online and offline , Nokia MixRaadio for streaming and downloading music playlist . There’s more , Nokia X also can serve a variety of popular services from Microsoft , including free cloud services using OneDrive . In fact , users of the Nokia X also offered access for a month call using Skype and free storage memory up to 10GB using OneDrive .

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In addition to the default application that is already familiar encountered in mobile phones Nokia , other interesting applications such as BBM , Facebook , Twitter , LINE , and WeChat also been installed in the Nokia X.

Nokia X will be marketed in the country from 12 April with a retail price of R1 , 6 million . Interested?

source:http://www. tabloidpulsa. co. id/

Day-11, MH370 Search the Oldest

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 as missing without a trace since Saturday, March 8, 2014 . To this day , Wednesday, March 19, 2014 , eleven days had disappeared Boeing 777-200 . This is the longest period of search aircraft lost in modern commercial aviation history . Previously , Adam Air plane that crashed in waters off Sulawesi in 2007 has been discovered after sought for 10 days .

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Even so , all parties involved are still searching for the missing plane on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was to expand the search area .

" This is a huge search area and it is not something that can Malaysia do alone , " said Transportation Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Malaysia in a press conference .

Since Tuesday , the government of Malaysia and other neighboring countries combined is expanding the search area . Now the search point is no longer focused on the seas around Malaysia or Vietnam , but has spread up to 8 million square kilometers . To this day , there were 25 countries that collaborate seek to areas ranging from China to Australia , including the Indian Ocean .

On the other hand , the ABC News predicts , entered the 11th day on the black box MH370 has lost a third of the battery .

Thai Air Force aircraft states could detect on radar that turns up the Strait of Malacca , Malaysia where military radar reading MH370 presence at dawn March 8 . These findings put forward by the Thai Air Force spokesman , Montol Suchookorn .

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However , Montol said the Thai military did not know whether they are detectable by radar and military radar Malaysia is the same plane .

source:http://www. tempo .co/