Documenting the Lapindo mudflow victims untidy (2)

Sad stories submitted by Akhmad Novik , Lapindo mudflow victims Jatirejo origin . He complained that not been included in the health insurance program . Though they suffered because of the disaster ( see also : Victims of Lapindo mudflow Difficult Mind Health Insurance ( 1 ) .

" There used to be a health card , there is also Jamkesda . But we never included the program . Whereas we are every day mudflow victims inhaling toxic gas from the mud flow , "complained 32 -year-old youth .

Novik who feels desperately need health insurance , then register both parents as participants BPJS independently. His or her own premiums every month , Rp 90,000 .

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Skinny young man that he did not have the money to increase the participant’s family members entered sebegai BPJS . Because , for more participants , he must re- pay the premiums .

For class III , the premium set by the government of Rp 25,000 , while class II , set at Rp 45,000 .

He believes the government negligent in ensuring the health of its citizens , particularly victims of mud . There are thousands of other people who did not know there is a health insurance program of the country .

So far , only the citizens who gain access to critical information .

According Novik , melancholy story of the people who carried out the data collection occurred due to mudflow victims untidy .

He then refers to the data Sidoarjo regency through PPLS Integrated Database ( Data Collection Program of Social Protection ) .

There accounted for almost 90 percent of the victims of the mud is not listed as the target JAMKESNAS or BPJS .

Even in the village Renokenongo , household data recorded zero percent target . Though there are hundreds of families that should be categorized as poor ( Gakin ) .

So also in Jatirejo Village , which is listed as insured only 31 households . Then the village Kedungbendo Siring only 6 families and 36 families .

" I do not know , how the government to collect data . Clearly , thousands of others were never recorded . The reason local governments still living victims scattered mud . So they are difficult to record . In fact , the government can really assess current residents and management of photo and e - ID card . But it was not done , " Novik criticism .

Mud victims themselves have not had time to take care of that problem . They are too preoccupied with the difficulties settlement compensation and temporary shelter . ( Ben / IDL )

Continued : Compensation mudflow It Out for Medication ( 3 )


To Suryadharma, SBY Notice the suspect is not the End

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accepted the resignation of the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali in a closed meeting at Bogor Palace , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) afternoon . In addition to receiving Suryadharma resignation , the President also advise Suryadharma not despair .

" Mr. President also gave advice to Mr. Ali Suryadharma order to undergo the legal process , prepared as well as possible . He advised, the suspect is not the end of everything , " said State Secretary Sudi Silalahi a news conference at Bogor Palace , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

In a press conference this , Sudi only accompanied by Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha .

( Read: jenis sangkar )

Sudi continued that the President requested that all parties continue to promote the principle of presumption of innocence to Suryadharma . The government , he said , also will evaluate , especially in terms of the organization of Hajj in the Ministry of Religious Affairs .

Previously , Suryadharma already explained about its performance as a minister . He also explained about the organization of the Hajj corruption charges by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) . However , Suryadharma denied involvement in the case .

However, Suryadharma still submitted his resignation to the President . The President requested that the Chairman of the United Development Party submitted his resignation in writing within 1-2 days .

According to the Commission , Suryadharma is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .


"The issue of Sexual Abuse by Priests, Vatican Accused of Violating UN Convention"

Anti - violence Committee of the UN , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) , issued a report stating that the Vatican was controlling the bishops and priests around the world as a requirement in the anti - violence UN conventions that they have ratified .

Anti - UN violence committee concluded , Vatican officials did not report the sexual harassment to the legal authorities in their environment , more priests move abuser rather than impose disciplinary action , and did not provide adequate compensation for the victims .

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Although the panel did not explicitly say the Holy an anti - violence violate UN conventions ratified by the country ‘s cities in 2002 , is already implicitly implied accusation .

" The legal scholar will tell you when the committee discussed and made ​​this recommendation , that he saw the country ( the Vatican ) do not run the convention , " said the deputy chairman of the panel , Felice Gaer , Friday. " It’s really clear what we say . "

The report is expected to reinforce the steps of the Vatican requires priests abused more responsible in any way for this violence .

In response , the Holy See said the structure of the church is not centrally organized in the form of top-down flow as is often argued to be one of the victim’s family .

In early May 2014 , the Holy See to convey to this committee that they had fired 848 priests convicted of child sexual abuse . In addition , another 2,572 priests get lighter sanctions for the same cases since 2004 .

The data is a number that is handled directly by the Holy See in the Vatican , not at the diocesan level . Strong suspicion that the actual number of cases in the field so much more .

Disclaimer Vatican was raw in the UN committee . The Committee believes that the Vatican should remain legally responsible for enforcing the anti - violence at the convention within the Vatican .

During this time the church leaders found liable for violations including sexual harassment of this kind is the responsibility of individual bishops and priests , brothers , and sisters .

According to the United Nations Committee on Non-violence , the Vatican as well as other countries , must ensure that the conventions that have been ratified by all representatives run around the world .

Vatican argument that they are not in control of personnel outside the church in Vatican City, Vatican assessed as inconsistencies apply the law , both international conventions and the laws of their own .

In reply , on Friday , the Vatican envoy said the committee has used sloppy reasoning . According to the Vatican , the committee put the logic that is used as if all the priests who provide services around the world are legally bound by the Vatican .

However, the Vatican states have a responsibility to ensure the indirect anti - violence convention adhered to by 440,000 priests worldwide . However , this responsibility is not up to the level of legal control .

" We did not ask for the Holy See responsible for every Catholic . However , ( we say ) the Holy See does not exercise control over a variety of significant behavior outside the four corners of the Vatican City , " Gaer tepis .

The Vatican said the committee report does not explicitly state whether the rape and sexual harassment is a form of violence that emerged alleged breach of this convention .

The UN , the Vatican said , just make implicit assumptions underlying any sexual harassment that is equivalent to torture , an assumption that is not covered by the convention . This opinion , according to the members of the UN panel of anti - violence , has been countered by international law .

" We did not say any form of sexual harassment is equivalent to torture . We need to look at the circumstances ( his case ) . Thing at issue here is the responsibility of the state , " said Committee Chairman Claudio Grossman . "The state should be exposed to liability when there is no prevention or investigation and punishment . "

In 2001 , asked the bishop and his staff send a report cases of sexual misbehavior of priests to Rome to be explored . The findings , the priest pedophilia actors just move from one diocese to another diocese instead of getting sanction from the Vatican or face legal investigation .

Then in 2010 , the Vatican renew the policy by telling the bishops and church leaders that they should report cases of abuse are credible , if requested by local law enforcement agencies .


Lawyer: Another Victim JIS Reporting to Police Headquarters

Some other victims of sexual violence in kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) report to the police headquarters . It was said by the victim’s lawyer , OC Kaligis , during a visit to the Jakarta Police , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

" Someone’s coming to the HQ . How many me his secret . Parents say it’s confidential ," said Kaligis , Thursday.

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According Kaligis , the victim is a foreign national students . Police investigators also have met the victim directly . Dressed in civilian clothes , they visited the children’s home .

" They were invited to play games. ( The children ) admitted to after some time . ( Culprit ) this photo , this photo , this photo , " said Kaligis .

He guessed that violence is not only done by the janitor but also by other parties . But he was reluctant to say whether such an individual teacher .

" That’s what I do not want love to know . Know later if I love him to escape . , But I sure as hell is not just outsourcing , but I can not get to say , " he said .

As is known , a kindergarten student JIS , AK ( 6 ) , experienced a sexual crime in schools . In this case the police have arrested five suspects , the janitor who is a school employee outsourcing .

As a result of the sexual violence , psychological trauma and AK contracting herpes is contracted number of suspects .


Jokowi inter-JK to KPU, Mrs. Empress riding bikes Ontel

Head of the winnings Election Struggle PDI Mrs. Joko Widodo Empress follow escort and Jusuf Kalla register as a presidential candidate and the candidate’s spouse vice president of the General Election Commission, Jakarta, Monday (19/05/2014).
Mrs. escort Jokowi and Kalla by Ontel bicycle riding.

During the trip, Mrs keep smiling and often waved to greet citizens.

It’s like really enjoy the atmosphere. Hundreds of sympathizers follow Jokowi and Kalla to take the bicycle Ontel KPU. Experience crowded traffic.

( Read: macam macam penyakit kenari )

Jokowi and Kalla is the presidential candidate and cawapres pair that is carried by a coalition of the PDI-P, PKB, Nasdem Party, and the Party Hanura.Both are self declare the afternoon in the House Joang, Central Jakarta.


Dow and S & P 500 Return notch record high

Wall Street closed mixed on Tuesday (Wednesday morning GMT ) , the Dow and the S & P 500 edged up to a record closing high for the second day in a row , while the Nasdaq fell as concerns overvalued tech stocks .

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 19.97 points ( 0.12 percent) to 16715.44 . The S & P 500 added 0.80 points ( 0.04 per cent ) at 1897.45 after hitting 1,900 level for the first time , while the Nasdaq composite index fell 13.69 points ( 0.33 percent) to 4130.17 .

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The Nasdaq ‘s performance is worse than the other two indices since early March , due to concerns that the technology sector earnings would not meet the high expectations .

Jack Ablin , chief investment officer at BMO Private Bank , said the report showed U.S. retail sales rose only 0.1 percent in April was ” pretty disappointing considering that many investors expect economic acceleration in the United States . “

Ablin said the fall in the Nasdaq was the result of the valuation is ” expensive ” for the Nasdaq and small cap stocks . ” Investors are meticulous when expectations are high , ” he said .

Valeant move forward for attempting to acquire the maker of Botox , Allergan , though rejected . Valeant CEO J. Michael Pearson , said the Canadian firm would ” increase our offer ” for Allergan based feedback to the shareholder conference call on May 28.

Shares of Allergan rose 1.0 percent , while Valeant shares slipped 0.4 percent .

Pfizer CEO facing tough questions from a panel of British parliament over potential layoffs due to its proposed acquisition of British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca over . But the head of AstraZeneca , which has refused to enter merger talks , would not rule out a deal if it had changed . Pfizer shares rose 0.2 percent .

Member of the Dow , AT & T , is nearing a deal to acquire a satellite television provider DirecTV to about 50 billion U.S. dollars , U.S. media reported . Shares of AT & T fell 1.0 percent , while DirecTV declined 1.2 percent .

Keurig Green Mountain shares rose after Coca - Cola increased its stake in the coffee company from 10 percent to 16 percent . The two companies are collaborating on a device to make a cold drink at home . Keurig Green Mountain shares rose 7.6 percent , while Coca - Cola rose 0.7 percent .


Mito A99 Mini Fantasy , Shutter School Children

Completing the line is already on sale Fantasy , Fantasy Mini Mito released the A99 is made for students . The dual-core Android phone was not sold more than Rp 800 thousand .

Similarly, the A65 and A363 , this series also targeting younger users or school children , college students and other users who prioritize practical and simple lifestyle . This segment is still wide open and the potential for artificial Mito affordable mobile marketing .

A99 Mito Fantasy Mini weighs almost equal to the A363 series Fantasy Card . The difference is, the design of this smartphone is designed more rounded at the corners . The design tends to be more like Pocket Fantasy series . On the left side there is a Power button and right side mounted knob to adjust the volume .

Its light weight makes blistered claimed not to be used for a long time , the design was made ​​ergonomically created for comfort and grip when in a pants pocket .

4 inch touch screen belongs to A99 is also equipped with In-Plane Switching technology ( IPS ) , an LCD TFT technology to improve the quality of color reproduction and wider viewing angles .

Fantasy Mini rely on the Mito A99 ARM Cortex - A7 processor dual - core 1.3 GHz , combined with the Mali - 400 GPU and 256 MB of RAM memory . For the internal memory Mito A99 only provides 2 GB , but the user can increase the capacity of 32 GB via microSD external memory card slot .

A99 Mito Fantasy Mini equipped with two cameras , a 3 MP rear with the help of Flash and 2 MP front promised suitable for video calls and photos selfie . Because targeting college students and children , Mito A99 Fantasy Mini is sold with Rp 799.000 .

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" We always give the best for Indonesian consumers , and we will understand their needs and desires . Generally they mengnginginkan quality products at affordable prices , "said Lie Hansen , Director Mito Mobile , in a statement received detikINET , Sunday ( 05/11/2014 ) .


Allegedly Frustration, A Youth Run Bus Damri

Allegedly frustrated because never get a job in the city of Banda Aceh , a young man from Idi , East Aceh , ran a Damri bus being parked at the base Damri , Jalan Diponegoro , Banda Aceh .

Due to ” piracy ” is Hollywood , who rushed the bus crashed into a rickshaw . Not only that , the bus Damri the frustrated youth who admitted speeding on the street protocol Banda Aceh . This action was surprising road users in the area .

( Read: burung ciblek )

" At first I was surprised to see there Damri bus drove with reckless with great gas sounds almost hit road users , " said Reza Fahlevi , resident who was in Banda Aceh Mahmudsyah STA Road , when he saw a bus passing in front Damri , Saturday ( 3 / 5/2014 ) .

Turns Damri bus reckless taken by a young man who allegedly serious frustration . Meanwhile , according to the bus conductor Damri , Sabri , suddenly the bus that was parked at the base drove toward Jam Muhammad Road , Banda Aceh .

" At that time I was taking a break , suddenly there was a young man got on the bus and immediately turned on us and drove it . I had time to block the rate of the bus , but almost hit by , then it went away and the bus hit a rickshaw shop , "said Sabri .

Sabri also reported the incident to the police unit Laka Satlantas Polresa Banda Aceh office adjacent to the base Damri . Laka Police Traffic Unit of the Police Unit of Banda Aceh was immediately pursue the Damri bus .

Action ” piracy ” Damri bus stops because the vehicle broke down in the area of ​​Jalan Banda Aceh Jam Muhammad .

" He was arrested when our bus broke down in the middle of the road and is still secured in Mapolresta , " said Brigadier Muhammad Fajar , Laka Unit personnel Banda Aceh Police Traffic Unit .

Of actors runaway bus , police found a tote bag containing clothes and a piece in the perpetrator’s diploma on behalf of Muhammad Fadil . Police suspect Muhammad Fadil frustrated due to never get a job upon arriving in Banda Aceh since last week .

Before coming to Banda Aceh , Muhammad Fadil was a public transit minibus driver type L - 300 in his hometown of Idi , East Aceh .


Malaysia Airlines Search Report Released, No New Information

Government of Malaysia , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) , released a preliminary report related to the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and other data , nearly two months after the loss of the aircraft .

( Read: burung masteran murai batu )

The five- page report , which has been sent to the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) , no more than a collection of information that has been released and contains no data or new findings .

Together with the written report , the Malaysian government also includes an audio tape containing a conversation between the pilot MH370 and the air traffic controllers , as well as a document that contains the manifest of the cargo plane .

Thursday ‘s release did not include a statement as to whether the police investigation found indications of terrorism in the loss of the MH370 .

Currently , the Government of Malaysia to continue the investigation to uncover the fate of the aircraft . This week , Malaysia appointed former director of the country’s civil aviation to lead the investigation that will include members of the U.S. Transportation Safety Board ( NTSB ) and a number of other international aviation bodies .

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 belonging to the missing on March 8, 2012 on the way from Kuala Lumpur heading to Beijing with 239 people on board .

After a long search , it is believed the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean . However , large-scale search operation which melibatnya few countries have so far not produced results .


Escaped from ’ Dapil Hell ’ , Aryo : I Beat the Senior Youth

ertarung in ’ Dapil Hell ’ Capital III , nephew Prabowo , Aryo Djojohadikusomo , made ​​it through to Senayan . Aryo confirms no name hijacking his uncle in his campaign .

" I think not , my every campaign in North Jakarta and the Thousand Islands , people see figure Prabowo and view a program , so it has nothing to do with relatives . I’ma part of the phenomenon of young people who beat more senior , " said Aryo in the DPP ‘s office Gerindra , Ragunan , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/04/2014 ) .

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Aryo not feel privileged to own even though he was a nephew of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra . Instead , he added , ’ stamp ’ as relatives Prabowo burden .

" I never felt it ( distinctive feature ) , so instead I bother , with the media , oh please - do this dynasty , even many negatives for me , " he said .

According to Aryo , political dynasties are realities in various countries around the world . He considered it a form of devotion to the country her family . For four generations have been involved in politics . Ranging from great-grandfather , grandfather , Prabowo himself until now .

" Wrong or not , ( political dynasty ) was a reality . Developed countries , rich and poor all there . Which country no political dynasty ? For me weird when people ’ nganggap ’ political dynasty was negative , " he said .

In Dapil Capital III , Aryo berterung with famous names . Among these are Marzuki Alie , Tantowi Yahya , Effendi Simbolon , Farhat Abbas , Adang Daradjatun , Richard Sam Bera , Andi Nurpati , Jeremy Thomas , and Achmad Dimyati Natakusumah .